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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome you are watching the news hour from doha and we have 60 minutes of news and comment today, two trains collide head on in germany, at least four killed and dozens are injured. no going back and no way out, thousands of refugees are stranded as the syrian army wages war this aleppo. police fire warning shots during a night of rioting in hong kong
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plus. i'm in finland where knock here was ruling supreme and now an economic trouble zone. ♪ four people have been confirmed dead after two passenger trains collided in southern germany, the crash happened an hour south of munich and the trains were traveling on the same track and collided head on. about 150 people have been injured, ten of them are in a serious condition a and we are n berlin and dominick what is the latest information your have? >> that casualty and the death toll has risen to eight, eight confirmed fatalities in this incident, as you say it happened in bad aibling operated by the private company meredian and the
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rail track is owned by the german rail network but a private company meridian, the to trains collided z on on a single stretch of stretch around 7:00 local time so perhaps four hours ago and we understand there are many dozens of casualties, and it's suggested that perhaps 15 people are critically injured, further 40 are severely injured and of course there are the other casualties here and more lighter injuries perhaps. we understand that the authorities say that perhaps 15 police helicopters and ambulances were sent to the seen and many other ambulances rushing to the scene when first this incident happened, the german justice minister has been tweeting about her sorrow that happened and rescue workers who wushed to the rushed to the
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scene and what caused those trains to be on a collision course on a single track, the stretch of the rail track, that is something logic wouldn't dictate they shouldn't be in the same place at the same time and they suggest there is a signal failure but no confirmation and eight people are confirmed dead and many dozens of people are wounded. >> one assumes the trains were probably pretty full. >> indeed. i do say peek time 7:00 in the morning and commuters are making their way on their usual business journeys and it's the carnival holiday seasons and not many school children on the trains and remains if that is, in fact, the case and these trains would have had many commuters indeed on what would have been a busy line and the
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question were what rolled them into collision and the authorities have not given an indication of what happened and it is early days and happened four hours ago and as it stands their main interest obviously is providing assistance to the people who have been injured and protecting information to the relatives of the injured and going forward and giving a sense of what has happened and what can be done going forward. >> dominick thank you very much. opposition leaders in syria calling on the international community to help them push back an on going offensive by government forces, thousands of syrian refugees are trapped in the border with turkey and a small number allowed to cross and aleppo province forced them from their homes and the syrian military backed by russian air power pounding the ancient city of aleppo and areas surrounding it cutting off opposition supply lines and up to 300,000 people
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are trapped in the rebel held eastern part of aleppo and running short on food and fuel and they are offering aid to 30,000 civilians at the border crossing and let's cross live to where our correspondent zaina can tell us about the different battle lines in aleppo providence and before we get to that as specific of it the humanitarian crisis seems to be growing by the day and many people stuck at the border and the border in effect still in lock down. >> and undoubtedly people are suffering and, in fact, people started to leave the border town trying to reach the western countryside of aleppo because there is no more room for them, the camps are over crowded and saying people are sleeping out on the streets. this is an unfolding humanitarian tragedy and tens of thousands of people are on the move and the numbers will just grow if the government is able to close in on the rebel-held
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east of the city of aleppo because that is what they are trying to do, encircle the city, people started to leave but so far there has not been a mass exodus, this is the humanitarian situation and they are 2500 kilometers south of turkey and wants to reach the crossing and want to seal the border and have made it clear the syrian foreign minister said we will not accept a cease border until the turkish border is seal and the government advances continuing under a lot of pressure because it's not just the government that is taking ground in aleppo countryside and gaining ground since offensive started and they too are very close to the border. it's their job to watch the skies, civil defense volunteers in the opposition controlled east of aleppo city are on alert whenever they hear the sound of
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jets. as first responders to the scenes of attacks these volunteers have been busier than usual. russian air strikes have intensified since the syrian government offensive started in aleppo a week ago and they are be sieging the rebel held neighborhoods in the city and defense volunteers say they are the only hope for those who may be trapped. >> translator: there are some people who are leaving the city because they are afraid of the siege. god willing it won't happen but regardless volunteers and families decided to stay because we need to help the people and fighters who chose to stay. >> reporter: civilians are increasingly helpless, doctors and nurses are overwhelmed. they workout of makeshift clinics because hospitals have been reduced to rubble after years of war. medical workers are now preparing for the work and besieged other corners of syria where people diaphragm lack of food and mode sinl and eastern
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aleppo may be next. >> we will stay here and remain stead fast but the medical supplies are only enough for a month and a half. >> reporter: the armed opposition is just as defiant and use whatever weapons they have but their op pen -- opponents control the skies but will not withdraw. >> translator: we have the military plans to confront this. we promise our brothers in syria we will fight. >> reporter: thereare many front lines in the providence of aleppo, opposition lost territory in the countryside but they are still fighting back. with the help of russian and iran the syrian government is close to encircling the city of aleppo and troops approaching the border and want to cut the rebel's lifeline and already managed to disrupt their supply lines. opposition fighters are still holding ground and it's
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strategic to cutoff the highway that links the city to opposition territories further west, this battle is not over but the opposition is under a lot of pressure, the threat of losing its heart land is real. they are facing a threat. in fact, what we understand from activists on the ground over the past few hours there have been russian air strikes targeting neighborhoods inseed aleppo city as well as the countryside and targeting roads, supply lines and what they want to target so the rebels are not able to reenforce force their position and holding a meeting in ankara and representatives of armed groups calling on factions to confront this assault and also appeal to foreign backers to provide them with weapons, sophisticated weapons to deneat the government but this is proving to be a very difficult fight and for the moderate opposition this is their stronghold in the north of the country.
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>> zaina thank you, iraqi security forces say they entered the last remaining i.s.i.l. stronghold in the east here and the village is now flying iraqi flag and forces moving forward to clear the rest of the village of fighters and explosive devices and the aim is to cut the supply roots to other parts for i.s.i.l. in fallujah and they still have people north of the city and we are joined from baghdad. how is the iraqi army managing to do this? >> like you say they are going in house to house, clearing those who are booby traps and moving in further to try and secure the city but it's not the iraqi security forces that will be in charge of the security of the iraqi police forces, this is a joint operation, it's a huge success for the iraqi security forces because they were seen as being the weak link in the fight against i.s.i.l. but they have
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now taken control of the whole of ramadi but it has come at a very high cost for them. over the last two months official figures state that 150 iraqi soldiers died in this operation but this is not the end of this. what we are seeing is pockets of i.s.i.l. fighters in the countryside who are still able to mount attacks into ramadi and don't control any part of ramadi but they are in the countryside to the east and to the north and that is where the real challenges are now to be faced for the iraqi security forces and are going to the go aren't -- and clear this and when it comes to ramadi specifically is to secure it and get people back eventually, when that will happen nobody really knows. >> a month ago had been if the iraqi forces were going to do this they were not going to try and do it to the beginning of the summertime and must be
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feeling particularly embolden after their successes if they change the timeline on what they want to do next. >> well, the timelines i have to say have been all over the place. last year this operation was supposed to take place and mr. abadi said we couldn't do it because of the summer because it was too hot to fight. there have been a number of reasons why this operation has been so stalled in coming in. a lot of it has to do with tribal rivalries and pro-government fighters who said look it's up to us, we need to be able to go in and clear this iraqi army so it's up to us, we are the national army and need to clear it of i.s.i.l. fighters and there are a number of internal rivalries and the militias who say we are the ones who had the most success against fighting i.s.i.l. and we need it, all of that now has been sorted out. what is going on is the police are now in charge of ramadi but that is not the only one.
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anbar is the biggest providence in iraq and fallujah is under control of i.s.i.l. and humanitarian crisis in fallujah and under siege for two months and no food is getting in there, iraqi army have not moved into fallujah and suspecting the governor of anbar will speak to talk about the problem about ramadi and if he comments about fallujah we don't know but what we are hearing from inside that city is that things are very dire and the residents inside and there is at least 5,000 families and 10,000 people trapped inside that city, for them there is no freedom and no respite yet. >> thank you very much. now the police in hong kong fired warning shots during violent clashes which began when they tried to shut down illegal food stars and they were set up for the lunar new year and we explain. >> reporter: bricks and stones from sidewalks thrown at police.
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small bombs and fires lit on a street which just hours before was the scene of new years celebrations. a busy commercial area of hong kong turned into the setting for what many are now calling hong kong's fish bowl riots and it all started when a government department cleared the streets of illegal food that were selling the local delicacy fish bowl and members of group campaigning for autonomy for hong kong asked the public to support the street vendors and what began as a standoff soon turned violent with more than 300 people the street facing off with riot police, the government on tuesday morning condemned what it called mob activities and violent acts. >> translator: we can never tolerate that and police will spare no effort to arrest the rioters and meanwhile i would
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like to deliver my condolence to the police officers and news reporters injured in the riot. >> plus fire two gunshots in the air saying that an officer's life was under serious threat. they say they are investigating whether the riots were organized rather than spontaneous and expect to make more arrests in the coming days. the street food celebration has long been a tradition of chinese new year and many say the protests are just about food and comes at a time when many people in hong kong are expressing concerns about their freedoms and tightening control of the central government in beijing, al jazeera. okay, still to come for you here on the al jazeera news hour critics of the south african president repay every cent of taxpayers' money he used on home improvements. plus the first vote to cast in the opening primary of the u.s.
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presidential race and we will look at the candidates in new hampshire. and peyton manning celebrates the denver bronco win and the quarterback will now be saying good-bye to the nfl. ♪ develop of an apartment block that collapsed in the taiwan earthquake has been arrested, the the disaster claimed 41 lives and rob mcbride reports from the scene of the rescue operation. >> reporter: it is still the center of a major rescue operation and also become the focus for an investigation into building practices that could have far reaching consequences and there is increasing consequences that the design and construction of the complex contributed to saturday's collapse which was triggered by an earthquake. >> i was very sorry that we couldn't prevent it from
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happening. >> reporter: she is an architect who says lessons were learned after a much bigger earthquake in 1999. since then new buildings in taiwan have had to withstand earthquakes but the regulations don't apply to private buildings built earlier. >> i think most of the buildings built before 1999 have no guarantees to be seismic. >> reporter: what happened on saturday has raised concerns about the regulation of buildings like this one and how the developer was allowed to build it the way he did. he now has been detained by the authorities while attention focuses on other blocks built by the same contractor. this apartment block built around the same time and bearing the resume had cracks like local residents showed us and it's scary this man told us and other cracks on walls and pillars had concern of what structural damage there may be underneath.
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>> translator: i worry of the safety for our 300 residents. >> reporter: back at the site of the collapse civil engineers work alongside rescue teams. >> translator: we will be providing a full report, of course we need to learn lessons from this tragedy. >> reporter: long after the rescuers have left the engineers will still be working here. rob mcbride, taiwan. the north korean south light launched on sunday is tumbling in orbit rendering it useless according to the united states and have not stopped people celebrating the launch in the neighbors and says it's a serious military provocation and the government has been closely monitoring the satellite and believe the north is trying out new missile technology and harry faucet has the latest now from seoul. >> reporter: south korea
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talking about the launch on sunday of the long range rocket and second and third stages appeared to separate successfully as planned but the first stage exploded over the sea to the west of the korean peninsula may have preventing from letting to much from the debris and nonetheless the defense ministry will be searching for debris to recover it and find out about the current status of the rocket technology and does say the indications are there have been some improvements to that technology since december 2012 and that the rocket engines may be stronger and the satellite carried by it is double the weight of the last time around and the maximum range of the rocket may be 12000 kilometers as opposed to 10,000 kilometers last time around. as for the performance itself
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the south koreans are not saying and the u.s. says they think it's tumbling in orbit and is not useful as a satellite. there remains a big effort in terms of international community to try to get sanctions through the u.n. security council and were three separate telephones on tuesday between president obama and south korea and president abbi of japan trying to make sure north korea is punished for this latest action. >> reporter: japan voted for resolution condemning the north korea satellite launch and will have more sanctions on xi jinpi jinping. >> we will have sanctions on north korea and have issues of abductions, nuclear weapons and missiles and enhance coordination with the united states, south korea as well as china and russia for a stronger security u.n. resolution to be imposed as quickly as possible. billions of dollars being
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wiped off the stock markets today and plunged 5% on tuesday and the niki index fell 920 points led by major banks and brokerage firms and spooked by mark market tear -- turmoil in the u.s. candidates have campaigns with t.v. spots and tours around the country, the outgoing president has been barred from seeking reelection due to the nation's six year term limit and we are from manila. >> reporter: the philippines is going to the cold in 1 two weeks with five presidential candidates and just started their campaigns not just here in the capitol of manila but across the country and they are on every national newspaper and promised to aleve the years of poverty and corruption and deal
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with education and security. there are five candidates, two are senators and one is a mayor of the city, one is an independent and one is the incumbent vice president and all are making promises they can solve the philippines problems but it has to be said that inflation reduced this in the same period in the last 12 months and unemployment too has also come down. however, the philippines and the presidency is keeping a very close eye on international events and knows that the oil price has gone down and the real possibility may very well be redundant and come back to a country that is very difficult to absorb what is available. also a new president will have to deal with a stronger president and country and it belongs to them and whoever wins the race in 1 two weeks time has a lot to try and solve.
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the first votes in the opening primary of the race and in dicksville cast their votes and the rest of the state will have to wait to have their say and follows last week's caucus vote in the state of iowa so how does this system actually work? a caucus is local gathersings where they vote for their preferred candidate often by raising their hands, primary are more conventional elections and any registered voter can cast a secret ballot of their candidate and the results of the caucus and primaries tell who attends the conventions later in the year when the final democratic and republic presidential candidate also be confirmed and allen fisher is in new hampshire looking at why the northeast state is so important. >> reporter: a law passed almost 100 years ago at the
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splendid state house in new hampshire dictates this should always be the place for america's first primary and that is why it's so important. the politicians come here through the snow and the chill of a northeast winter to woo the voters, the decisions spread through the country and the launch sides have to be packed away for dreams of a run in the white house. jim gilmore wants to be president and the caucus in iowa he is starting his campaign here. >> iowa as the people are have a very difficult process to participate in and that is a place that can also destroy candidacy and did destroy four and i'm in new hampshire for the direct vote of the direct people in this state. >> reporter: doesn't matter about the weather, doesn't matter about the long hours, if you have a presidential candidate in new hampshire you have to put in the effort and if the people here don't like it then this is where your campaign
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will end. it's thought the candidates will spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars in new hampshire to get their message across and a bonanza for businesses every four years but there is a concern this place is not representative of the u.s. as a whole and overwhelmingly white and few immigrants and higher home ownership rates than the rest of the country and vets the candidates for an america that looks much different. >> terrorism, i.s.i.s. and you know the general concern over the economy and jobs and so forth all that stuff i think is share pretty broadly no matter where you go but the first two primaries don't have concern with urban issues or race or some of the things that you would find being more concerning if you were in michigan or south carolina. >> reporter: the state has a good record of the winners here going on to secure the nomination from their party and doesn't always happen and eight years ago hillary clinton topped
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the polls. when most people think of the u.s. presidency they think of the white house, the situation room and the global tours but before all that comes the breakfasts, the meetings and the engaging with voters in new hampshire. allen fisher, al jazeera, manchester, new hampshire. south african president zuma is facing a demand to repay state funds he used to upgrade his home and the case in johannesburg is brought by opposition parties and are outraged they paid for his private swimming pool and am pi theatre and is there a president for the president appearing in court in this way? >> absolutely. there have been presidents which have appeared before court and in this particular instance, however, it's not the president himself who is appearing in his personal capacity. of course what is at issue in
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this court case is actually the limits of powers and functions of the public protector which is an independent institution and south africa's constitution which protects democracy and it's a case which is testing the limits of her powers or his powers and the recommendations that they make vis-a-vis other states such as parliament and the government. now the fact that it's been prophet and has been presented as demand for the president to pay back the money is, in fact, incidentel because they are not going to determine how much the president has to pay back or in at all and it will make a finding of the public protectors and as they are suggesting he should pay a certain portion of the money he will be indeed compelled to do so but the case itself does not hinge on the person of the president firstly and secondly near the extent of their issues you should be
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paying back and it's not uncommon and it's not of course curious in a democracy that the limits of institutions, the powers and functions vis-a-vis other institutions are in fact tested and i don't know if there is anything inappropriate about this. >> after leaving 2 1/2 years defending what he has doing has he left himself looking politically weaker because if you climb down and say i will pay a bit of it does that leave him looking in the context of the voters a little bit wounded, a little bit done by? >> absolutely peter and i think you hit the nail on the head. the fact he and 2 1/2 hours of ferious defense using the party in parliament and using every rule of procedure that is available to him both in the executive arm of government that is ordering investigation through ministers and departments of state as well as using as i say his majority in
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parliament through his party, as well as having him party and the lion's partners for 2 1/2 years that he was entitled to upgrades and liable to pay for it and curiously peter as you rightly point out he doesn't make this admission a year or six months ago it's literally on the eve of the court case and there is a tested admission in the fact he made an offer to want to settle out of court, it was this there an admission that perhaps i am liable for something. however when i think politically he attempted to do was have a face of animity and to quell the poloriization in society i make the offer and he made a massive miss calculation because i think what is evidenced with the court or the public to connect as a gesture of animity
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and interpreted as a sign of weakness and climb down of a position he held for 2 1/2 years and now the public protector has made findings and her findings have been contested and used majority and used institutions of state and used processes and procedure to stimy that looks like a point of weakness for him but i don't think the weakness will translate in his exit in the office in the foreseeable future, that is depending on two things and first is the outcome of the case and second the active national congress 2016 local government elections. >> we have to leave it there many thanks sir. okay time for the weather and here is richard and eastern europe is still a bit. >> very much, peter yes looking on the satellite picture it looks a real message lost one storm but we have another one heading across france as we speak. the current situation you can
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see a messy set up on the satellite imagery once the weather system is moving in and this fella here doesn't look impressive but it's going to deepen as it goes across france, belgium and germany and cause real quite severe weather in the next few hours and in the uk it's beginning to settle down after the impact of the storm imagery and produced really powerful gusts and are all exposed sites in the western and southern parts of the uk but in excess of 150kph and wave heights of 19 meters, 1-9 meters and we have not seen this for many, many years. these are the sort of shots of the aftermath across southern parts of the uk but here the weather should be quieting down in the next 24 hours but what i mentioned is already beginning to deepen and race across parts of france and as i uss the
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sequence and northern france and belgium and western germany, winds 130kph and snow and is not the main hazard but with the strong winds and heavy could could be tornado and damage in some areas is highly likely peter. still to come on the news hour some flights resume but disruption continues in pakistan as workers for the national r carrier continue their strike action plus. why rio's famous carnival has become a stage for protest. and in sports news and amazing shot and the detroit pistons fanned pumps against toronto and action coming up, in about 20 minutes or so. ♪
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♪ welcome back you are watching the al jazeera news hour with me peter live in doha and top stories and eight people confirmed dead after two trains collided head on in germany and passenger trains on the same track when they hit each other an hour south of munich and these are live pictures you can see, rescue operations still going on, 100 injured and 50 of them seriously, survivors have to be rescued by air and boat as the crash happened in an inaccessible area next to that river. the police fired warning shots during a night of violence in hong kong and riots broke out after a crack down on street vendors during lunar new year celebrations and thousands of syrian refugees fleeing heavy
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fighting in aleppo are trapped in turkey and appealed to the international community to help push back government forces. more on that story and we have a military analyst joining us from aman and there is a call sir to have more involvement from the arab counties, how receptive will they be to that call, do you think? >> i think it's too late to do anything right now especially with the advancement of the rebel and the russian, iranian and hezbollah in the north part and in the next few weeks they will see all foreign supply to the rebels and they will push south and clear cities and homs and hanna and even in the south of the country and what we are seeing is due to the fact that
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the americans did not take a strong position of what is happening now in syria putin forced himself in our part of the world and everything goes through him now and to do such campaign you need air diplomacy to support this campaign if it has happened, that will be getting a conflict with the air superiority and also with the russians so the whole thing is in chaos and i don't think this will workout in the future and it does need a special type of force like to do such mission. >> interesting you talk there, i want to talk to you for a second and you talk about an expedition force because if you look how the saudi military is structured that is a highly regular force and the conflict inside syria is highly irregular so how well would a saudi ground force be able to engage with the reality of the conflict on the ground,
5:37 am
in syria? >> it would be very difficult and challenging mission for them and i think the alternative of that is to support the rebels with good and possibly some sand missile to handle the russian air bombardment over syria but i won't see this happening and as i said it's too late and will not see in the future any political solution for that and geneva force or geneva three and it's being killed in actual fact so things and the cancer of this war will spread all over the area and it will be destabilized for a long time to come. >> would other countries involved in the theatre of conflict accept something that very definitely did not go
5:38 am
beyond simplism here because i'm thinking the u.s. would not like the saudis to get particularly involved in this because of the other proxies we are seeing day after day after day being fought out inside syria. >> absolutely right and i think the american did that big mistake by not doing the no fly zone with turkey and they are in danger now and transfer into turkey with the corridor also was working with the regime and the russian when they supply them with arms so i think the solution, it is time now for the united states to take stronger leadership and say we will do this no fly zone to stop the immigrant and save what is left of the civilians but i'm afraid
5:39 am
i won't be surprised that the russian will do such move in the future and they will do some bargains with the european and the american concerning stopping or establishing this safety zone, what i'm calling and they will bargain this concerning lifting of the sanction. i won't be surprised to see that in the future, in a month or two and does need change of strategy over the americans and taking such steps to establish a no fly zone and i don't think the russian will challenge nato and the russian and american leadership if they take such a step and it is required, i think, now as soon as possible. >> thank you. and finger -- finland was
5:40 am
prosperous and it was second to greece, in the last of the series in european disunity we report on a new challenge facing the european union. >> reporter: finland could have less in common with southern europe and in the session and the northern member by of the eu joins greece at the bottom of the economic league table. >> our economy is falling behind european or the euro zone ever all the time. we have been able to create this and failed to necessary reforms and things are getting worse at this time when things are getting better in other european sort of crisis. >> reporter: harry is a craft beer brewer part of a generation of start-up entrepreneurs who used to work for the mobile
5:41 am
phone giant nokia. >> nokia no good at least the business environment with the phone. now we are of course several small companies here and have quite a few companies that established their offices here. >> reporter: harry brews his beer in the northern city here and nokia's former heart land and the boom here brought big salaries and now finland's high wage workforce is too expensive to compete globally. the story of the decline is pretty simple really, once the world's dominate mobile phone hand set manufacturer, remember these employing 24,000 people here and worth $320 billion, a huge chunk of the national economy and then came apple's iphone and nokia failed to innovate and stay in the game and the whole business was swept
5:42 am
away leaving only remnants involved in networks behind. dark days too for finland's other main stay the paper industry in decline because of cheaper pulp and cheaper workers elsewhere and the soup kitchens are filling up. it's no better in the capitol halsinke, ten years ago this food bank served 200 people a day. now the cold and hungry arrive twice a week in their thousands. >> here it's not much people but there are other lines and people getting food and it's very long line and it's getting more and more. we were two years ago first time and now like this year it's getting like double the size. >> reporter: the government's preferred solution is austerity and with cuts there is pressure to return to a sovereign currency to devalue its way out
5:43 am
of economic trouble and no greek style bailout but a new euro crisis maybe, finland. parliament will publish the origins of overseas donations and the controversial transparency bill passed its fist stage. opponents say it will unfairly help palestinians and the government describes the objections as paranoia and we have an international advocacy court with a dollar, that is the palestinian ngo, looking at the letter of the law or what will be the letter of the law it doesn't on the face look especially harsh so for you what is the big issue here? >> i mean this is very true. the real problem with the bill is that it is a manifestation of a much larger campaign by the
5:44 am
israeli government to target human rights organizations and to tackle left wing groups in israel that are critical of israeli government policies or the occupation of the palestinian territories. now the government is trying to justify this law by saying it's an issue of transparency but this is simply not the case. these organizations are already very transparent with their reporting to the israeli authorities and having the list of names of funders on their website and it's not transparency and it's attempting to humiliate and view the groups of trying to work for foreign states other than welfare of their citizens and it's crucial to also note this bill effects human rights groups and left wing organizations and don't target right wing groups or right wing organizations so it's clear and double standards and shows a discriminatory and targeted ways in which this bill is being used and this is a real
5:45 am
issue. >> so the atmosphere moving forward that your organizations and other organizations have to work within is at least going to be very challenging but if one follows on what goes on in the palestinian territories to a degree and every so often there is a u.n. resolution and folded into that is a resolution that the ngos have to do what they do in an unfettered way, can you not simply use a higher level of legalized speak to make sure that you get your resources, the money to where it has to go? >> i mean, the organization uses all channels available to them as possible. one of the main areas of course is through our public campaigning, to the israeli public and palestinian and international public, we also have israeli courts that if for example these kinds of ngo59 tacks ended up intensifying even more we would take what measure
5:46 am
is needed to try dealing with it domestically but again these issues are both local and international efforts to push forward. here it must be understood that israeli society must understand that these groups are crucial and must accept the basic principles of theme of expression and association and especially ones that are critical of policies they see is problematic and also for the international community like international partners in eu and the united states who made it clear that attempts against ng observations tolerated and they try to have the protection of ngo and needs to increase very much as we can see because the bill itself is progressing at a very rapid pace so this must be made much more clear and stronger. >> thank you. back to europe now the macedonia government beginning to reenforce a barrier on the greek
5:47 am
border and construction ub der way for a second layer offensing on the border and hope to limit the number of refugees in the country and began building the fence in november and tightened requirements for refugees traveling from greece. greece's far right political supporters had a demonstration on monday saying the policies and objecting to new plans for a registry center that would help manage people when they arrive. the international organization for migration says nearly a million refugees passed through greece last year. the police are looking for a mexican crime reporter kidnapped from her home and she worked for a newspaper in the state of vera-cruz and she was dragged by her house by armed assailants on monday and 15 have been killed in vera-cruz since 2010. carnival in brazil a chance for the they shun nation to forget the party and they see it's hard to escape from a health
5:48 am
emergency, political crisis and a failing economy and this is from rio. >> reporter: carnival in brazil, a time for samba and good humor as the nation struggles through an economic and political crisis but not everyone is for getting their problems like this person who came dressed as a box of basic foods and goods used to measure the cost of living. >> translator: finding the basics has become so expensive, inflation is high and so is corruption so the poor are suffering. >> reporter: indeed this street party is loosely titled what a mess, the good times are over, an opportunity for reveles to make fun of their class. >> translator: the wife of the president of congress is accused of hiring a tennis champion for $59,000 for prime lessons with
5:49 am
our money so we are dressed up as her. >> reporter: at another street parade we run into the president rouseff and silver both being mercilessly mocked. >> translator: i'm a billionaire and no idea where i got the money. >> translator: men and women of brazil just to let you know your light bill is going up 60%. >> reporter: brazil is facing a steep recession and the president is fighting to avoid an impeachment process. this as brazilians see their standard of living drop. >> they are going back to where they were ten years ago because of the rising of unemployment, because of the rise of inflation and so that is what is happening and brazil is going to be where it was ten years ago. >> reporter: even carnival is being down sized. here as you can see no expense is being spared for carnival but
5:50 am
parts of the city and country many traditional street parades are canceled because for the first time they cannot afford it. the brazilians say i doesn't begin for the year until after carnival but regardless of when they start counting it doesn't bode well for the country. cyclist in spain struggle to stay on two feet let alone up right on two wheels. ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
time for sports. >> peter a million people are expected to line the streets of denver and colorado when the superbowl winning broncos have their victory parade and it upset the carolina panthers and arrived on monday with the vince lombardi and peyton manning joined some friends in disney land in california to celebrate winning his second superbowl and 39-year-old is yet to decide whether or not he will retire. as for the television audience sunday's game had an average of 111.9 million viewers and down from last year's record of 114.4 million but it was still the third most watched broadcast in u.s. history but whatever the ratings the mvp said it was a special night. >> i mean, the superbowl and mvp is special but the superbowl
5:53 am
ring is something i keep with me for the rest of my life. i will be able to be with my brothers for, you know, eternity and i will be able to be with those guys for 100 years from now and that is truly beautiful. >> reporter: the nba and new york nicks hosts the wizards and do it without the coach fisher after he was fired less than two years in charge and it was a day after the mvp most valuable team lost their fifth straight game and lost nine of the ten and five games back to the final playoff and he was a five time champion with the la lakers and no coaching experience when he was hired in 2014 and he is in the gray there and promoted to take over as interim coach until the end of the season. >> got to do the things the way that i feel is going to be right for this team at this particular juncture and i have to feel
5:54 am
comfortable doing it the way i want to do it and challenging fires and holding them accountable and the meaning just to address the situation and to let them know where i stand with things and what i expect of them. >> reporter: now, the knicks needed inspiration and needed to look no further than detroit andre drummond and 24 shot came against the toronto raptors on monday but not enough for the win and they took it 108-80 and 14th win in 15 games. record 150 baseball players defected from cuba to the united states in 2015. the new year has failed to stem the flow with two of the countries biggest names abandoning the team and gordy and younger brother left the dominican republic and due to take part in a european championship series and they
5:55 am
contacted local police to hello kate the pair and it's believed they intended to travel to the u.s. to seek careers in major league baseball. >> translator: we have to prevent measures but these massive losses we had can affect cuban baseball and losing a lot of talented players who want to try their luck elsewhere. >> cuban baseball to the united states has been commonplace since 1995 when the united states introduced a policy offering residency after a year to anyone fleeing the country. well the main reason they do it well money of course. cuban players can earn 40-200 a month compared that to the millions they could earn in major league baseball but defecting means a dangerous passage and leaving their homelands where they do become publically scorned as a result and could change because in december they held a good will trip to the island nation and
5:56 am
currently in negotiation with the cuban government to build a legal passage. futbol and not going anywhere and the royal madrid style was meeting at an award ceremony in the spanish capitol and had the top storer in la-lega and it will be 2018 when he will be 33 and he is whales all time scorer with 223 goals earlier this season. >> translator: it's a privilege for me to be here on the spanish league and leave my mark which is pretty good and want to stay here a couple years more and see what happens in the future. >> reporter: portugal at the euro later this year but zuma will miss the tournament, the 21-year-old injured himself on sunday playing for his club
5:57 am
chelsea in 1-1 draw against manchester united and he carried a knee ligament and have surgery this week and expected to be out for six months and he was in contention for a place in france's squad. now it's national sports day in qatar and stage two of the tour of qatar cycling event held in do what and known for high winds but has to be pretty hard to compete with the conditions in spain. organizers of the volta-la marine that forced abandon stage three and 30 0 kilometers makin it hard for people to stay on their feet let alone their bikes and that is all your sport for now peter. >> see you later and lots more news on the website al jazeera ache and we are back at the top of the hour with al jazeera world news, i'll see you later.
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